Mixing system

The INDUSTRIAL mixing system has been developed for the mixing of small to medium quantities of coatings for diverse industrial applications. It allows the operator to mix the required quality and quantity in a few minutes, there by reducing delivery time for ready mixed product. This professional system can provide a wide range of products and finished depending on the base resin selected. The system comprises 22 concentrated pigmented pastes, and a range of resin binders, which when mixed to the correct formula provide the chosen colour in the selected finish and gloss level in polyurethane, alkyd, or primer undercoat. The common set of concentrated pigmented pastes, mixed with a range of resin binders reduce stock levels and therefore inventory cost.


Complementary to the NOVOL Industrial Mixing Systemis the Industrial Color matching software platform designed to assist operators in accurate and fast colour matching from NOVOL’s colour swatch database. The software displays the required recipes for the manual and automatic colour mixing systems, adjusts the formulas to overdosed pigments, supports a dedicated colour-matching spectrophotometer, and includes the latest technical data sheets and MSDS.


The NOVOL Industrial Coating Systems feature a breakthrough colourmatching tool: the X-RITE Capsure (RM 200) spectrophotometer. The spectrophotometer features an integrated database of the most popular industrial colour systems (RAL, NCS and Commercial Vehicles). The spectrophotometer precisely identifies the colour on every scanned surface and matches the exact colour chip from the database. It is easy to use, portable, and USB-powered.


The NOVOL Industrial Coating Systems include two colour swatch versions. One of themfeatures over 2000 colour chips, chromatically arranged around a colour wheel. The other one features the colour chips arranges by RAL, Commercial Vehicle, Agricultural Machinery, and Fleet systems. The colour swatch solution is an easyway for colour matching to custom requirements.

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